Could your business cope without its mission-critical data? Could it survive? Without backups, a single error or system failure could destroy years or hard work and value. However reliable you believe your systems to be, failing to back up your data is extremely risky behaviour.

With backup support from Inventive Solutions, there’s no need to lose sleep over your data. Do business fearlessly, knowing that we’ve got your back.

Should the worst happen, we’re here for you, and we can restore your data and systems to any required point in time. Losing data might be unfortunate; not being backed up is reckless. Don’t take a chance with your business.

Our backup service options range in duration from 1 – 6 months for onsite backup, to 1 – 4 weeks for offsite backup. Our customisable tree view gives you oversight of all backup activity. Recover to a certain date or recover specific files only, as required.

Our offsite backup capacity currently exceeds 300TB – we have all the storage space you need for ultimate peace of mind.