We supply, install and maintain CCTV solutions for your business and home. We take into consideration your budget, as well as your security and aesthetic requirements as part of every quote. Our prices are competitive and all products carry a warranty.

In addition to supplying and installation all our own CCTV cameras and equipment necessary for all projects, we also install any power or data cabling may require. Should you have any special requirements, such as a large site, we can accommodate you by installing fibre optics, or long range, wireless connections.

With our company’s roots being in the IT industry, we can also ensure compatibility of your new security measures within your existing IT environment, as well as making recommendations, supplying and installing, of the necessary IT upgrades to ensure that your new CCTV system works optimally.

Inventive Solutions only provide class leading surveillance systems. With analogue CCTV reaching its end of line, we are focused on supplying our clients with systems that will last them a few years into the future. We offer everything Full HD CCTV and IP surveillance from NVR’s, Cameras, Software and the complete surveillance solution to suit your specific requirements.

  • IP Full HD and 4k Video Surveillance
  • Wired CAT5 and CAT6 Infrastructure
  • Fibre Optic Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure