IT Support

We offer on-site, remote and telephone support. Our support staff will both diagnose and repair whatever IT issues you are experiencing.
In terms of support offerings, there are 4 options available:


We have technicians available that can visit your premises and both diagnose and repair whatever IT issues you are experiencing. Our rates are very competitive and are charged hourly, with a call out fee for certain areas. We can repair hardware and software issues, including Pastel support and network restoration/upgrades.
Additionally, our on-site support includes repairs, upgrades and installations to CCTV and OFFICE AUTOMATION equipment.


Many problems can be amended remotely, therefore reducing monthly IT expenses and more importantly, down-time. Flat fee rates are available for monthly remote support packages.


As with RPD support, some problems can be sorted out in a matter of minutes if you’re talking to the right person. This service is also available at a flat-fee. Telephonic problems are assessed and if the issue can be resolved with a reasonable time period, support is then given verbally.


Another cost saving option for hardware repairs, such as laptops and printers is to eliminate call out charges by bringing your equipment in for repair at your workshop. Our workshop offer free assessment quotes for repairs and our hourly repair charges are very reasonable.
All of the above support options are available on a monthly retainer as individual services, or can be part of a more comprehensive service level agreement, in order to fix monthly IT costs.