You spend a lot of your time networking, so you understand how important it is. Let Inventive Solutions seamlessly connect all your devices, systems, teams and premises – including remote workers.

We’ll bring your people together, and make it easier for them to share ideas, information and inspiration. Inventive Solutions networks can be fully customised to incorporate legacy systems and are designed with the additional space and functionality they need to futureproof your enterprise.

We provide cable and wireless network installations, maintenance, upgrades and support.


We offer very competitive pricing based on the number of points you require in your network so even small network installations are budget-friendly and bulk discount applies for large network installations.


Wireless, unlike ADSL is a fully symmetrical service in the upload and download speeds are the same, making browsing much faster. Wireless technology also has the benefit of not having wires that could be damaged or stolen, reducing downtime are as result of this common theft problem.