Inventive Solutions offers both owned and managed on-site server solutions, and Virtual Server solutions.

Virtual Servers

We can set up your onsite server as a Hyper Visor system with multiple VMs (Virtual Machines – emulated computer systems that provide the functionality of a physical computer). We can oversee and maintain both VMware and Hyper-V systems. Inventive Solutions has successfully built VM infrastructure ranging from 1 VM to 80 VMs per client.

Actual Servers

Bare Metal onsite servers, capable of running multiple services.

We provide reliable, secure and high-performance data storage and processing solutions to meet your needs and give your business the room it needs to expand.

Inventive Solutions can assist with managing variable data streams, integrating legacy data, and ensuring you are correctly positioned for general and industry-specific regulatory compliance. We’ll make sure that you are able to meet all your data security obligations to your partners and clients.